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My journals will take the place of a blog. If you go to the Journal page there is an RSS feed to subscribe with.

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2016-03-22: This site is being moved to my main site at as part of a consolidation to one domain.

How to get a writers job by Jerry Pournelle

As Jerry points out from the above, I am an author NOT a writer. I make no bones about that. I am a story teller and the creator of stories but I am NO writer. I will seek professional help when writing a book for mass consumption. I do admit however I have some great stories to tell.

The way I collect my thoughts and ideas is to use a Olympus WS300M digital recorder which I carry with me at all times. I then have my wife or pay someone on to transcribe it for me. See my section on Journaling for more of my process and recommendations.


Unix for Busy People

High Availability in the Unix World


Being written. More later in 2010

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