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Distributed home IPTV system

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  1. To reduce the two Brighthouse DVRs to one non-DVR tuner. Thus reducing cost.
  2. To enable more content that can be streamed to any television or computer in the house.
  3. Provide more flexibility in content available to television receivers.
  4. Be able to capture (and stream) OTA HD broadcasts.
  5. Ability to stream content to multiple locations simultaneously.
  6. Stream content to portable devices.

This isn't really the same concept as MythTV where each television has it's own dedicated computer. In this case one set of dedicated computers serve all output devices in the home from a centralized location. Keep in mind I live in a home with five very finicky media consumers.

NYD = Not yet decided

1HDTV applianceStreaming HDMI appliance with customizing menu control and web redirection. Viewer can be using smartphone or web tablet for remote control via wifi.Possible choices are Sony Playstation 3, Roku box or Apple TV 
2Smartphone web clientBlackberry or Palm Centro.Blackberry or Palm Centro. 
3Apple iPhone or iPod Touch remote control web client. Apple iPhone or iPod Touch 
4Streaming media PC client (Linux, Mac or Windows).Desktop or laptop.Various (Linux, Windows and Macbook) 
5HDMI capable HDTV.Television or projectors that is HDMI capable (HDCP is a requirement for BluRay)Various 
6OpenSolaris server with zfs raidz3 storage.OpenSolaris 2009.06.NYD 
7Gentoo Linux media server. Web remote control, capture and streaming. NYD 
8HDTV OTA capture card and antenna.Must be Linux capableNYD 
9Firewall and web proxy server.OpenBSD 4.6NYD 
10Cable tuner.Scientific Atlanta HDNYD 
11WiFi access pointFor remote control via web interface on streaming server or streaming in the case of portable devices or laptops.Linksys WRT54G (3 around house using OpenWRT) 
12Component HD capture card. NYD 
13Brighthouse cable service.Cable network.Toshiba PCX2600 cable modem 
14IR send unit.Serial or USB device that transmits IR codes to the cable tuner to change channels.NYD 


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