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My journals will take the place of a blog. If you go to the Journal page there is an RSS feed to subscribe with.

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Top iOS iPad Apps I can't Live Without

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2016-03-22: This site is being moved to my main site at as part of a consolidation to one domain.

  1. - NoteMaster (Apple Store link)
  2. - Dropbox (Apple Store link)
  3. - OliveTree Bible+ (Apple Store link)
  4. - GoodReader (Apple Store link)
  5. - iSSH is dead now sadly but it is still installed as long as my iPad survives. It still works in iOS 9 with no noticeable problems but if you have not already bought it you will not be able to get it from the App Store. There also will be no updates. Not sure yet what I will replace it with. I bought three others but deleted from off the iPad as I settled on iSSH.
ipad issh

Almost everything else I do is web browser based. My whole databases and information management is using wikis such as this one.

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