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Technical specs for AOR AR-2500

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The receiver contains an 8k by 8 EEPROM which provides the storage for the storage for the 78 frequency banks (32 channels each) (62 memory and 16 search). These are split into 62 scan banks (with 32 frequencies "channels" per bank) and 16 search banks with 2 frequencies (range) per bank.

General Specifications:

 * 1984 channels - 62 banks
* 5-550, 800-1300MHz range
* 5, 12.5, 25kHz steps
* Scan rate up to 36cps
* Attenuator
* Signal Meter
* 16 search banks
* 1 priority bank
* Computer control

Benefits Lots of channels (1984 in 62 scan banks, 16 search banks), Cheap second hand Will scan anything No holes in coverage (1 - 1500 Mhz) Small Seems pretty sensitive on most bands Drawbacks Not very selective AM broadcast poor Backlight is hard to see Display has narrow read angle Needs an external speaker Difficult to use to dial through the Shortwave Keypad is way too small Up/down tuning knob doesn't always work first try Slow scan/search Special 62 scan banks 16 search banks Frequency info stored in EEPROM No frequency blocks Computer interface.

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