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Uniden Bearcat BC-245 XLT (a.k.a. TrunkTracker II)

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2016-03-22: This site is being moved to my main site at as part of a consolidation to one domain.

Yes I still have mine, yes it still works and yes I still use it to TrunkTrack the Volusia County Trunk System.

I maintained this page for many years however I am now going to transition that info here on this wiki page starting 2011-08-23.

bc245xlt at site1 01

I have firmware 1.04.


Other useful pages and notes:

The BC245XLT Uniden Bearcat Manual had some errors. These are the corrections.

Uniden BC245XLT Frequently Asked Questions wiki entry

TrunkTracker Fleet Codes

Doug Fisher


First check out Strong Signals or for the latest software info.

ScanControl -

Senss BC-245 Computer Interface (bc245int) V.2.4.1 (Windows) - (Update for 2.4.3) - Tutorial for bc245int can be found here ] - Strong Signals tutorial - Listen remote control of the BC245 via TCP/IP.

"Back bag" BC245XLT Uniden Bearcat Remote Control software.

BC245XLT Scanner Backup Utility (windows)

Scancat Gold (windows)

Radio Manager for Windows (windows)

Control Freq Jr - (Review) - (Tutorial)

AFS780 - Spreadsheet Programming for the 780/245 - (review)

Winscan - Pozilla is now defunct. No idea where to find software any more.

sctl for Linux and Unix systems

AirScan (freeware)

e2a (DOS) - Converts ETrunk GRP files into Uniden AFS format

COM101 - "COM101 is software for Uniden scanner clone data transfer. It has not been tested in Windows 2000 or XP. There are already two or three clone programs for Uniden scanners, but they all have limitations - slow data transfer, data errors, failure to support all models, or inability to run in DOS. COM101 solves most of these problems, supporting the BC245XLT, SC200, and BC/UBC780XLT. It runs best in DOS and works with occasional data errors in Windows. Reading from the scanner is where the problems occur since handshaking with the radio is required. The larger the amount of data to transfer, the greater the chance of an error. The BC780XLT has the largest clone data file and is more likely to see an error than the other models. If the program runs for you, great. If not, I cannot provide any support in debugging the problem." - I cannot seem to locate COM101 anywhere but it once was found here.

RS-232 Remote Mode command set info can be found at here (mirror) and here (mirror).


How to access the discriminator output on the BC245.


If you are like me and need to power your 245 both home and at work you can either order another wall wart from Uniden or do what I did and get a 12V500ma AC adapter from Radio Shack catalog no. 273-1773 (as of 2011 this seems to be replaced by RS part 273-357 and selected the Adaptaplug tip adapter catalog no. 273-1711 [as of 2011 this part no seems to be replaced by 273-346 (orange - positive tip)

To connect the 245 to a Palm hand-held computer first obtain the HotSync cable part no. 10104U. Next you will require a male-male null modem 9 pin adapter. I made one using Radio Shack parts catalog numbers 26-280B (Serial Gender Changer 9-pin) & 26-264 (9 pin Null Modem Adapter) but you can also use a "null-modem" male to male cable to connect the BC-245 remote cable from the BC-245 and the Palm HotSync cable together.

Note I no longer sync the Palm to the BC-245. I now use a older Windows XP laptop I keep around for radio programming serial devices. See Software above.

An excellent addition to the BC245 would be the high-gain Diamond RH-77CA whip antenna. It received good results during Rich Wells tests.


You can display the version number of your BC 245XLT's firmware by performing the following steps:

  1. Turn the scanner off.
  2. While holding down the 2, 4, and 9 keys, turn on the scanner.

You may see "1.01", "1.04", "1.17" or "1.19" and maybe some others I am not aware of. 1.17 has a bug (I guess) that delays scanning when switching from trunk-ed bank to a conventional bank. I had an original "first gen" (1.17) BC-245XLT (sold it later and bought the one I have now in 2000) and it is much improved.

Mailing Lists:


The Uniden Discussion List

TrunkCom - Trunkscanner Discussion list

SCAN-L - Nationwide scanner discussion list


BC245 Backup

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