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My journals will take the place of a blog. If you go to the Journal page there is an RSS feed to subscribe with.

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2016-03-22: This site is being moved to my main site at as part of a consolidation to one domain.

Using a proxy (Intercepting/Transparent {WCCP} and non-transparent proxy server).


OpenDNS works in a pinch. However filters for all of DNS requests originating from one public IP (Students & Admins)... you could go Hardware Based Filtering... barracuda and or cymphonix boxes as well. - free

"I second DansGuardian. If you are looking for an easy-to-use configuration tool for it, download/install Webmin ( then install the DansGuardian webmin module"

"If you go to, they have links to their commercial version. These folks are also the folks that produce the smoothwall firewall system and they have a setup called schoolguard as well as preconfigured appliances."


Hardware products:




"8e6 devices ( The thing I really like about it is the way you can put it in "listen" mode instead of inline and still get great security. It watches on a mirrored port, and will "intercept" bad requests and "hijack" the reply with a block page redirect. We've used their solutions for over 10 years (since they were called XStop), no complaints at all."

Goes way beyond web blocking as well.

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