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Assembler on Intel platforms

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2016-03-22: This site is being moved to my main site at as part of a consolidation to one domain.

Not covered here any other chips sets but Intel x86 and its descendants. Primary operating systems in focus on this page is MS-DOS (or FreeDOS). Microsoft Windows but primarily Linux. I have largely left DOS and Windows behind and have not developed in Assembler (MASM) in many years now. I jave done some assembly work on OpenVMS (Macro-32), Motorola 68Kx and some 6502 programming on RadioShack CoCo and Commodore 64. I am focusing now on Linux using nasm and GDB.

Forums and hangouts for assembly on intel:

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"GDB supports Intel syntax disassembly output (which is what NASM uses). The GNU assembler (GAS) supports Intel syntax, too, if you prefer that. In GDB, you should specify:

set disassembly-flavor intel

It doesn't matter if the executable is written in C, asm or any other compiled language. You end up with machine instructions. (It's another matter if you have kept the debug symbols or not). However, I strongly advise you to learn AT&T syntax at some point, too. Personally, I've got used to AT&T with Linux and Intel with Windows."

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"If you are still using emu 8086. the code can be written straight after the org 100h . Obviously the sequence and selection of instructions determines its functionality. For a multi segment program the sequence would be as laid out here...."

16 bit masm


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