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Weather satellite Automatic Picture Transmission reception and processing

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Date: 21 Nov 2009 12:31:54 -0000
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1. Re: Folks I need to coordinate an meeting with s...
Posted by: "geojohnt@...." geojohnt@.... wonker3_2000
Date: Fri Nov 20, 2009 11:37 am ((PST))

In a message dated 19/11/2009 19:43:20 GMT Standard Time, steven.ross@.... writes:

I need to coordinate an meeting with some of the group leader and leaders of other satellite groups. I have been in touch with NOAA's upper echelon to discuss extending the APT service on future satellites. The replacement that was purposed on future missions is much to expensive and puts the service out of reach of most users. Also Certain countries rely on this service as well as fishermen and with the failure of the LRPT on Metop the mission has been canceled.


I realise this is not the correct group to discuss this but I hope I might comment before we move this important matter to a more suitable location.


I must say I would be rather surprised if NOAA delayed the already many years late launch of their next generation of polar orbiters - NPOESS to fit APT capability. Theses satellites will carry LRD in the 1.69 GHz band and HRD in the 7 - 8 GHz band.

More likely extend the current generation NOAA polar orbiting satellite APT/HRPT services?

Regards, John.

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